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Acne And Pigmentation Treatment

23 Sep, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

Acne And Pigmentation Treatment

Acne Clean Up

Acne Clean Up is done for the skin with active pimples. In the treatment of ACNE or its SCARS, we focus on two things:

  • Sebum control and exfoliation of infected area.
  • Disinfection of area using germicidal products.

Products & techniques used are non-oily and antibacterial in effect which cleanse overly oily skin.

  • Anti-acne serums and tinctures are used to treat acne on daily basis. This calms the irritated acne, tightens pores of oily and acne scarred skin.


Acne Clean Up

Pigmentation Cleanup

Why we need Pigmentation Cleanup? 

A mature, dry skin pigments faster which gets worse with sun rays. Focus is on hydrating with de-pigmentation products and techniques to penetrate serums into dermal layer to remove day to day pigmentation from sun exposure, stress and dryness. Effect is clearer, hydrated, nourished skin less prone to pigmentation.

Technique  and  Products  Applied  are:

  • Advanced and Professional Peels
  • Clean up with natural fruits and vegetable extracts using galvanic method.
  • Herbal applications with de-pigmentation properties for clean up.
Pigmentation Cleanup

Acne & Pimples Treatment: Embrace Clear Skin with Holistic Health Benefits: -

  1. Personalized Care: Tailored treatments to meet individual skin needs, ensuring optimal results.
  2. Natural Approaches: Emphasis on non-invasive, natural remedies that promote genuine healing.
  3. Expertise: Dr. Poonam Bali’s rich experience in holistic health ensures trusted and proven methodologies.
  4. Holistic Wellness: Beyond skin care, achieve an overall well-being that encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  5. Safe and Effective: Rely on treatments that prioritize safety without compromising on results.
  6. Empowering Education: Gain insights into maintaining skin health with informed guidance and tips.
  7. Holistic Ingredients: Benefit from treatments that use natural, holistic ingredients devoid of harmful chemicals.
  8. Balanced Approach: Integrating both traditional wisdom and modern practices for a balanced treatment.
  9. Comprehensive Aftercare: Continued support and guidance to maintain the benefits of the treatment long-term.
  10. Community Trust: Join a community of satisfied individuals who vouch for the transformative effects of Dr. Bali’s methods.

Note: Always ensure any claims made about treatments or benefits are accurate and can be substantiated to avoid misleading consumers.

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