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Bliss Detox Programs

27 Oct, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

Bliss Detox Programs

Bliss Detox Programs

‘Bliss’ Detoxification Therapy

Experience Bliss Detoxification Therapy with Dr. Poonam Bali. Make yourself healthy and refreshed through the power of detox. Book your session today! Rejuvenate your body and mind with Bliss Detoxification Therapy. Read this blog completely to know how detoxification will benefit.

Method Of Detoxification

We design Bliss detox Programs as your lifestyle, diet preferences, and constitution which includes appropriate diets, colon hydrotherapy, nutritional supplements, massage therapies, detoxifying body wraps, body scrubs, steam, and pranayama, etc. Sessions are conducted under medical supervision, in the presence of our expert doctors.


Benefits of Detoxification :

  • Better mental concentration
  • Better physical energy
  • Weight loss and cellulite-free body
  • Better hormonal health
  • Better cardiovascular function
  • Improved immune function and metabolism
  • Improved digestion, cleaner blood, and clearer skin, healthy hair
  • Better sleep, lighter body + mind.


1 Day Detox Package

  • Enema
  • Detox Facial
  • Body massage
  • Body scrub
  • Breathing exercise
  • Detox Diet


3 Day Detox Package

  • 3  Colon sessions
  • Body Scrub + Steam
  • 2 Body massage
  • Detox Facial+ Steam
  • Diet counseling
  • Pranayama


7 Day Detox Package

  • 3 Colon sessions
  • Enema
  • Body Scrub + Steam
  • 3 Body massage
  • Pranayama session
  • Ayurveda diet
  • Counseling session
  • Detox Facial


15 Day Detox Package with Complete Wellness

  • 5 Colon sessions
  • Enema
  • 2 Body Scrub + Steam
  • 5 Body massage
  • Hair spa
  • Pranayam session
  • Ayurveda Diet
  • Counseling Session
  • Detox Facial
  • Yoga And Breathing Session

Make an appointment to reclaim your health and vitality with Bliss Detoxification Therapy. We hope that you must have liked this article. Thank you!


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