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Dr. Bali’s brainchild ‘Bliss’ was founded in 1996, initially as a Holistic Cosmetic Skin Clinic, at Kalindi Colony, solely dedicated to providing wholesome Skin and Hair Care using only natural resources and beliefs.

In the world of modern Derma clinics, at that time, this Integrated concept of Derma Care, using Holistic approach, at the same time equipped with latest technology, was first of its kind in India.

Dr Bali firmly believes, skin care is interrelated and dependent on internal health for long term permanent cures.

So, complete wellness programs were incorporated, like Aromatherapy, Colon cleansing, Yoga, modified Diets and Lifestyle.

As she kept innovating, she added modalities like Colon and Liver cleanses, Ozone therapy to bring about, both distressing, detoxifying and healing effect to the entire body, both for prevention against disease and cure of existing pathology.

In 2003, Bliss opened a branch at 1 MG Road, the distinguished address to the elite if the country, living upto the need of increased consciousness for healthier lifestyles and personal care.

Here, she further used her multiple specialities in holistic healthcare, setting up wellness treatments like rejuvenating and cleansing therapies with medispa range, creating an ambience matching world standards.

An Age Reversal Clinic was launched with her certification by Allergan, a leading manufacturer of Botox and Derma fillers. She became a household name for these advanced practices, recognised for her elevated aesthetic sense of studying facial contours being an artiste herself. Being a healer by nature, she became a favourite for giving painless botox injections among her select clientele.

Further, with an increasing demand for her specialised services, a larger centre was set up for complete body and mind wellness along with skin care section at Hauz khas in 2004 with increasing clientele. This today serves as flagship address for her brand ‘Bliss’.

Again in 2011, Bliss added another address. With ever increasing menu of services and space requirement for same a branch was opened in Lado sarai.

Dr. Bali’s ongoing innovations and training with best doctors and wellness institutions around the world for holistic wellness makes her a master in holistic health.

All treatments at Bliss are supervised by qualified doctors and therapists keeping world standards be it for hygiene, ambience or quality control of therapies.

Being a proponent of Buddhism and Yoga, Dr Bali believes in working from and offering a spiritually enriched healing space to her guests, who she does not like to refer as patients.

She has created an ambience of consecrated space using energising symbols, mantras and yantras which adds the inviting healing energy at Bliss Centre. Her visitors specially value this side of her healing space called ‘Bliss’.

Both centres at Hauz khas and Lado Sarai were designed with 7 luxurious treatment rooms with attached showers and a steam room as well as grooming areas, maintained with world class ambience and hygiene. Doctor’s consultation rooms offer complete privacy.


‘Bliss’ Team:

Our team of Alternative Medicine Doctors:

Naturopaths, Homoeopaths, Ayurveds, SuJok therapists, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Pranic Healers, Beauticians, Cosmetologists and Yoga experts and therapists are trained to help you distress, detox and rejuvenate, recommend lifestyle change with a holistic angle.

We provide curative, preventive and enhancing treatments for skin, hair and body. Each therapist has been handpicked from recognized Beauty & Health Management Institutes and subsequently trained under the personal supervision of Dr.Bali. Each staff carries minimum 3-4 years’ experience.


 Our team comprises of:

  1. 3 Doctors
  2. 6 Panchkarma Therapists
  3. 4 Skin and Hair Therapists
  4. 3 Beauticians, Pedicurists
  5. 4 Colony Therapists
  6. 4 Ozone Therapists


Some Client Experiences of Bliss visitors:

“I feel drawn to special vibrations of Bliss centres to go again and again and spend time there with caring staff and doctors before and after my sessions”.

“The caring attitude of all staff and personal care given by Dr.  Bali makes Bliss a unique experience of feel good space, peace and wellness”. Late Rajmata Gaytri Devi


Some Quotes…

My skin feels like a baby again with natural and healing therapies at Bliss without using any chemicals and   harsh treatments ….  Kavita Vohra.

I feel I am reborn after body rejuvenating sessions at Bliss. I feel I am flying…  Rachid Benmassaoud, Morocco.

Colon therapy sessions have been a boon to my bloated belly and low energy levels. I feel 10 kg lighter and my waist has shrunk by 2 inches in one week …  Veronica, USA.

My frozen shoulder was restricting me to drive, exercise or carry on my daily duties. After 10 sessions of healing work   done by Dr.  Bali and her staff I am back to normal….  Poonam Menon, Gurgaon.

I am 73 and at my age I had no hope of regaining my lost hair. But Dr.  Bali gave me hope and after series of hair treatments provided I   have my   barber wondering each time I get my haircut.  He says “Sir from where have these hair   reappeared at this late age… Dr.