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Body Polishing Treatment

25 Jan, 2024 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

Body Polishing Treatment

Body Polishing Treatment

Body Polishing

Body PolishingBody Polishing is a very scientific way to pamper your skin to make it more bright and shine with Health. This is the form of Exfoliation which is a kind of Facial of the Body, unlike a Massage. It is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin and leaving it smooth and soft.

Body Polishing helps to remove dead cells and brings up fresh healthy cells which makes you look attractive and young. It also promotes blood flow.

Body Polishing helps to remove dead cells

It applies for a nourishing effect and left on for some time. After a shower, moisturizing lotion massage into the skin.

Why you must do Body Polish as most important step towards Skin Care?

Our skin has 3 main layers.

Uppermost layer is called Epithelium.

This top thin layer exhibits all skin conditions including Acne, Pigmentation Wrinkles, Sagging

Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry skin, Oily Skin, Etc.

A well stimulated, Healthy Epithelium should shed itself every six to eight weeks.

When process of skin cell regeneration gets sluggish due to multiple factors like lack of personal skin hygiene, lack of blood flow in skin cells, lack of exercise of body, unhealthy food habits, poor sleep, toxic waste retention due to sluggish bowels and constipation etc.

This slowing down of epithelial renewal leads to deposit of old dead skin cells on surface of skin making skin look dull, dry, patchy, old, lacking vitality and glow.

This also does not allow absorption of any products fed into skin during personal skin care and salon facials etc.

Hence the most important step towards skin care regime is that of stimulating process of old dead skin cell exfoliation.

This will assist the new epithelium to be reborn which is soft, smooth, shiny which gets fresh blood supply and can also absorb any oils, creams, moisturizers, serums, etc. that needs to be fed into the skin to have a perfect pH level of skin.

For further queries on how to obtain a perfectly smooth and glowing skin, you may take an appointment with Dr Poonam Bali. She will guide you further in this process.

At Dr Poonam Bali’ s Holistic Health Skin Centre, we specialise in organic, homemade freshly on the spot Skin renewal and exfoliation for facial skin scrub and body polish which is our signature treatment done along with steam and scrub massage.


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