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What is Cupping therapy?

18 Sep, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

What is Cupping therapy?

What is Cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative therapy in which the therapist puts special cups on certain areas of skin (decided by the consulting doctor) for a few minutes to create suction.

This causes the tissue beneath the cup to be drawn up and swell, causing increase in blood flow to the affected area. Enhanced blood flow under the cup draws impurities and toxins away from the nearby tissues and organs towards the surface for elimination.

Cupping therapy is indicated for both healthy persons (for anti ageing treatment and rejuvenation purpose) and those suffering from ailments. Cupping is a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to remove stagnation and stimulate the flow of qi (chi). Qi is the free flow of vital energy circulating through the body and the world around us, if the qi is disrupted or disturbed, it can create stagnation (blockages) or imbalances in the body.


 Benefits of Cupping therapy-

  1. Head CuppingCupping therapy helps to reduce pain and inflammation.
  2. Treatment of skin problems like Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Urticaria, etc.
  3. Treatment of Rheumatic diseases such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
  4. It helps in hair growth, thus very effective in treatment of Hairfall. By performing dry cupping on the scalp, the suction can help open the follicles and promote blood circulation which stimulates new growth.
  5. It improves cholestrol levels and helps in treating high blood pressure.
  6. It improves Immune function.
  7. It helps to treat blood disorders such as Anemia and Hemophilia.
  8. It helps in treating Anxiety and Depression.
  9. It helps to relieve Bronchial Congestion caused by Allergies and Asthma.
  10. It helps in conditions like Migraine, Varicose veins.


Types of Cupping therapy:

1. Dry Cupping

It is suction-only method. It draws the blood to the applied area, and increases the blood circulation. This is recommended for tightening and uplifting of the sagging facial muscles, that has a rejuvenating and anti ageing effect.


2. Wet cupping

It  involve suction and release of impure blood. Wet cupping uses acupuncture technique to ooze out the toxic blood. Disposable kits are used for both acupuncture and cups. This treatment dispels internal toxins trapped in tissues.

3. Fire cupping

fire cupping

Fire cupping involves lighting a momentary flame in the cup using  an alcohol swab and quickly placing it on the skin .The heat in the cup helps in promoting blood flow which  helps in detoxifying the surrounding tissues.


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