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DBS | Mr. Asheesh Vaderaa | Dr. Bali Show

29 Dec, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

DBS | Mr. Asheesh Vaderaa | Dr. Bali Show

Tales of Cancer Warriors

Tales of Cancer Warriors

In India today, there are many people who are Fighting Cancer and are cured after treatment. But beating cancer is not easy. Here today we will learn about the life of one such person. Who has beaten cancer completely. We hope that this story about curing cancer can inspire thousands of people. In this story, our hero is Mr. ASHEESH VADERAA. So let us get to know the Inspirational Story about them.

This series of Dr Bali’s Show (DBS) Podcast is dedicated to all those Cancer Warriors who have defeated cancer and won. This Cancer Survivor Story is of Mr. ASHEESH VADERAA, Age 73 yrs. He defeated Cancer using purely Natural Wellness guided by DR. POONAM BALI ‘s Detox, Ozone, Vitamine C IV infusions, Homeopathy along with Gerson protocol. He hhas become a source of Inspiration, Hope and Encouragement for thousands of people.

Now let’s watch this video show and learn about how cancer is defeated.  

Now we can hope that you liked the story of Mr. Asheesh Vaderaa joining DBS. If you also want to share your inspirational story with us, then fill the form given below.

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