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Detox Programs

‘Bliss’ Detox Therapy Range (Signature)

 Dr Bali’s Detox Therapy

At Dr. Bali’s ‘Bliss’ Integrative Holistic Health Centre. Detox Therapy has Great emphasis on first cleansing the entire Mind, Body, and Energy Systems before starting other therapeutic Curative and Nourishing methods like a Balanced Diet, Lifestyle, etc.

1. Body Detox.

Starting with cleansing the G.I.T. or Digestive System, Colon being the main Sewar of the body..
A. Colon Cleansing is performed in a minimum of 3-5 sessions at periodicity suggested after a detailed study of the case and findings post the 1st cleanse

B. Liver and Gallbladder Bladder Cleanse

These two organs assist the digestive process, indeed cleansing of these organs is the next most important which happens through an oral process of 5.5 days using a colon cleanse as the channel to throw out the heavy metal and other material waste sitting largely on these organs in form of Gall stones or which layers of waste sitting on the liver, impairing its important functions, predominantly Metabolic that balance the weight and fat levels in the body.

C. Detox Lymphatic Drainage Massages and Detox Scrubs.

Cellular cleansing of toxic waste sitting in intercellular spaces throughout the body through Hot Herbal cleansing oil massage, using lymphatic drainage methods, as well as Detox scrubbing methods.

D. Steam

One of the main exits of Toxic waste is millions of skin and hair pores in the body, the wet steaming method is used to liquefy old stagnant waste sitting in deeper layers of tissues which exits through pores by sweating.
E. Breathwork
Detox through deep and regulated breathing is highly underestimated..which is factually as much as 70% of the entire detox process
F. Detox Diet
Finally, the belief that “You are what you Eat” can’t be emphasized enough.
Clean, balanced, nutritious diet plans are advised.

F. Detox through Exercise, Yoga

Physical activity, be it Sports, Yogic Stretches, Walking, Running, Swimming, or Cycling..
Promotes the release of toxins that exit the body, either through sweating or urination provides hydration with sufficient water, and water-rich fruits, and vegetables intake.

G. Mind Detox

As body accumulates toxins if sluggish functions of the colon, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, skin, and breath due to their inactivity.
In the same way mind also holds up toxins in the form of the baggage of unnecessary thoughts, fatiguing the brain function and causing Brain fog which means the reduced ability of the brain to retain essential memory.
Dr Bali terms Mind Detox as a very important part of completing the Detoxification process.
She suggests the practice of.
Shirodhara treatment
Sufficient, uninterrupted sound Sleep
Music therapy
Sound healing
Nature walk
Forest bathing
Allow 5 elements of nature to do the Detox..
Water- Hydrotherapy
Air- Airbaths while nature walks and Pranayam
Sun- Purifying Sunbaths
Earth- Clean Food as Natural as it can be
Sky as Emptiness- Fasting

H.  Practice of Fasting- full or partial also popular as Intermittent fasting.

It’s very important to practice periodical fasting, especially on days of..
Full Moon
New Moon
On these days cosmic rays support and empower the process of fasting much more than on other days of the month.
Dr. Bali gives fasting plans on fruits, juices, water, salads, etc.
Resting the system during the detox phase is essential as the body undergoes extra work of withdrawal of toxic waste.

Embark on a journey of complete Rejuvenation week with Dr. Poonam Bali’s Signature ‘Bliss’ Detox therapy range in Delhi. Get involved in holistic health and embrace a healthy new you, who is lighter, more energetic, positive, glowing, joyful, calm, and balanced being. Book your detox week now, for an eternally joyful,healtheir transformation.

Detox Programs:

Treatments Price Duration
Colon   Hydrotherapy
(With Mud Pack + Acupressure by 2 therapist)
₹ 4,000 50 minutes
Liver   &   Gall Bladder Cleanse (Oral Method) ₹ 2,500 5.5 Days
Bliss Detox Body Scrub (Organic and Freshly Made) ₹ 2,500 45 minutes
Drainage Detox Hot Herbal Oil Therapy + Steam ₹ 2,500 60 minutes

Note: These Treatments come under the “Bliss” 7 Days Full Body Detox Plan.