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How Homoeopathy works?

18 Sep, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

How Homoeopathy works?

Homeopathic treatment by Dr. Punam Bali

Homoeo  means ‘Similar’. Homoeopathy is a treatment based on science of similars. Homoeo Dilutions can cause certain symptoms on a healthy human being. They can also cure the same symptoms in a diseased body. These plant and mineral based substances are given to dominate the diseased symptoms. They enable body’s own natural healing strength which is also called immune power, to throw away disease symptoms when the dynamic homoeo remedies take over the pathogens and defeat their action.

There is similarly in function of homoeo remedies and our immune power. Each time one takes homoeo remedies, one’s immune power is activated to work for the body to fight disease and eradicate it permanently by removing root cause.

That is the reason why those children or even adults who grow up on homoeopathy remain healthier through out their lives. In comparison, those who consume strong allopathic medicines, containing harmful chemical substances with many side effects, end up getting more sick again and again, for the simple reason that their natural immune power is killed. Their bodies keep attracting pathogens due to weakend defense system.

Homoeopathic potencies attain a dynamic strength which is invisible and undetectable, same as energy medicine which cannot be seen or touched but it does miracles in healing.

Homoeopathic potentised liquids prepared from a mother tinchure of a particular plant or mineral,as base,works on the body almost mystically that can not be undessfood, mostly but experience their miraculous effects,  almost instantly.

The western world looks for material  contents in these powerful remedies, same as is found in modern allopathic medicines, because that’s all they know and are taught in medical school. Thankfully the world view is changing towards natural alternative medicine including Homoeopathy, after seeing workings of energy medicine. Acceptance is even more, post pandemic seeing the damage done by allopathy.

Author – Dr. Poonam Bali

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