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What is IV Ozone?

18 Sep, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

What is IV Ozone?

What is IV Ozone?

IV Ozone Therapy

Intravenous Ozone is a therapy in which we introduce ozone into the  bloodstream and offers various Health benefits. It is also known as autohemotherapy, ozone is a naturally occurring gas that composed of three oxygen molecules, and it has powerful oxidizing properties. IV Ozone Therapy is really good for immune system and helps in increases ability to fight with foreign matter. It also improves oxygenation inside the body which further helps in removing toxins from the body.


IV Ozone Therapy Benefits

Anti– Inflammatory Properties 

Ozone reduces the inflammation and it’s signs like pain, swelling, redness in the body by increasing the antioxidants inside the body which kills free radicles.



Ozone increases the process of Oxidation in the body that helps in eliminating toxins and the cells which are dead in the process of cell death are unable to come out from the system by itself. Ozone Therapy helps them to go out from body and generate new cells inside the body.


Pain Management

Ozone therapy reduces the pain inside the body specially in conditions like arthritis. It boosts immunity and helps in fighting infection inside the body and better combats infections and disease.


Healing Properties

IV Ozone Therapy helps in healing process by increasing the antioxidants and eliminating free radicles in the body.

It helps in other disease conditions related to gut issues and women’s problems like amenorrhoea, painful menstrual cycle, leucorrhoea, irregular  menstrual cycle, fibroids, follicular cyst, PCOD, ovarian cyst. It is very helpful in  gut conditions 


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