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Liver Detox and Renewal

21 Dec, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | One Comment

Liver Detox and Renewal

Liver Detox and Renewal

Our Liver works very hard to keep the body in top Health, by performing numerous body functions.

Specially if you are

  • Consuming late night heavy foods
  • Alcohol, Tabacco or other stimulants etc.
  • Leading a sedentary life

Primary Liver Functions

  • Everything you eat or drink including medicines is filtered by your liver to make it safe.
  • Liver stores essential nutrients and removes toxins to provide your body with clean energy.
  • When your liver is unhealthy, you may experience a variety of symptoms, most obviously Low Energy levels and Weight Gain caused by poor Metabolism.
  • Non healthy liver can make it challenging to perform everyday activities or even get out of bed.
  • We @ ‘Bliss‘ bring you Liver Detox IV nutritional recharge and revitalise your most important and busy organ in body.
  • IV therapy is a safe and painless treatment for all liver conditions.
  • It can help relieve your symptoms and provide your body with the required nutrients to heal and recover.

You can book your appointment and consult with our chief doctor, Dr.Poonam Bali, she will make a Liver Renewel plan for u.

Look forward to..

Healthy Liver Relationship..

Bliss Team (Dr.Poonam Bali)

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