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Naturopathic Therapies

What is Naturopathic

Naturopathic Therapies is a system of Alternative Medicine, in which Nature’s Five elements are used to perform different therapies on the body.
This brings a balance in the same Five elements, which our body is comprised of as well.

These Five elements are :

1. Earth

Using a special mud pack therapy on the whole body or affected parts like the Abdomen, Face, Back, Limbs, etc.

-Doing Activities using Mud –

-Walking barefoot on grassy land

-Playing, gardening, farming with mud

-Pottery using mud

-Consuming Food that is as close to nature as possible, like sprouts, raw salads, fruits, soups, vegetable stews, etc.

2. Water 

Our body consists of 72% water.

Balancing this important element of nature by using water therapies, such as:

-Drinking and eating water-rich fluids and food items
-Doing cold and hot packs
-Water sprays
-Wet Steam

3. Air

Taking clean, fresh air by way of Deep Breathing
Taking Air baths in nature, warm or cold.

Doing Ozone Therapy- Ozone is O3 which is converted from Oxygen or O2
O3 has many amazing properties that boost natural health and immunity.

4. Sun

-Soaking sun energy
-Walking barefoot on sun-soaked earth.
-Eating fresh foods grown or processed with sun energy.

5. Sky

Sky element denotes, emptiness.

Which means our body must practice fasting or emptiness.

By staying in balance with Nature’s Five elements, we can enjoy a perfect state of Health in harmony.

At Dr Bali’s Bliss Holistic Health Centre, you can cure and prevent various illnesses using naturopathic care, guided by her consultation.

Discover Naturopathic Therapies by Dr. Bali in Delhi

Recognize and honor the power of Natural Healing with Nature’s 5 elements with Dr. Bali’s Naturopathic Care in Delhi. Take a Holistic approach to your health. Book your session today to begin your journey towards health and vitality naturally.

Explore Dr. Bali’s Naturopathy Treatment List in Delhi

Treatments Services Price
Mud pack Chest ₹ 800
Abdomen ₹ 800
Eyes + Face ₹ 400
Knees ₹ 400
Full  Body ₹ 1,200
Hydro baths Hip Bath ₹ 500
Foot Bath ₹ 400
Sitz Bath (Anal) ₹ 500
Abdominal  Bath ₹ 500
Spinal  Bath ₹ 500
Steam Full Body ₹ 800
Face/ Nose ₹ 400
Area wise ₹ 500
Enemas Water ₹ 500
Salt ₹ 600
Herbal ₹ 700
Wet  Packs (Hot & Cold) Abdominal ₹ 800
Back Per Session Charge
Chest Per Session Charge
Diet Session 30 minutes ₹ 1,800
15 minutes ₹ 1,000
Follow up ₹ 500
By  Dr. Bali 1 Month ₹ 3,000
3 Months ₹ 7,500