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Ayurveda and Your Life Energy

Everything in universe is connected, including our lives. If mind, body and spirit are in harmony and balance with nature, you can’t get sick. When this balance is disrupted illness happens, other things that can upset this balance is genetics, birth defects, injuries, climate and change in season, age, emotions etc.

Ayurveda is not just removing illness but its science of life that helps, achieve sound health and longevity. It works on preventive and healing therapies that purify and rejuvenate, bringing about a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness, leading to renewal of whole body, bringing longevity fused with lasting health.

Bliss” being a therapy centre, largely focused on detoxification, purification, destressing, and rejuvenation etc; Ayurveda is one of the largest platform for our range of services.



About Panchkarma

Ayurveda is beyond just removing illness from the body. It’s a science of life that helps to achieve long term health. It focuses on prevention of disease and healing of the body allowing it to awaken to its own ability to remain healthy.

Panchkarma is an integral part of Ayurveda which helps to achieve balanced state of body, mind and soul through detoxification, purification and rejuvenation.


What are ‘Panch’ Karma

Panch karma is a group of five therapies applied mainly for cleansing the body of retained toxins. After purification, body is nourished on fresh clean herbs, concoctions, food and rejuvenating therapies for treatment of any specific problems.


Basic Principles of Panchkarma

Panchkarma treatment starts with two important steps, Oleation and Fomentation.


Oleation (oiling)

Warm medicated herbal oils are massaged on whole body to loosen toxins retained in deeper layers of tissues and cells to enable them to flush out and cleanse.


Fomentation (steam)

Oleation is followed by steam which further softens the toxins. Deep rooted toxic waste liquefies with steam and flushes out of body more easily.

These two steps are carried out through the following therapies.


Application of Two Principles


AbhyangamAbhyanga is a body massage done with herbal oils to soften body tissues which helps release of toxins, seated deep down. Vigorous movements also help invigorate and rejuvenate the body by nourishing tissues, cells and muscles along with detoxification.

This helps in balancing vata dosha (wind) in the body.



ShirodharaA thin stream of lukewarm medicated oil is poured on centre of your forehead in a gentle, continuous flow for 30 – 45 minutes.

Shirodhara therapy helps in detoxing your brain cells and treat related ailments of head like depression, dementia, anxiety, insomnia, headache, migraine etc.

Shirodhara is hugely effective against process of aging by rejuvenating brain cells against loss of memory, lack of muscle control as in paralytic conditions, Alzheimer etc…. Read More >>


Potli Massage (Pain Relief Therapy)

Potli Massage (Pain Relief Therapy) Pouches of herbal mix of many beneficial ingredients is massaged with medicated warm oils, on painful areas like stiff back, legs, knees, shoulders, cervical region etc.

Potli Massage therapy also helps in reducing stress of mind and body by rejuvenating and nourishing cells and tissues… Read More>>



PizhichilThis therapy is very effective for joint and muscular stiffness and pain, as well as neurological imbalances. Streams of warm herbal oil is poured on the body with soft rhythmic, relaxing massage.

It relieves pain, nourishes tissues, muscles and nerves, reduces stress, brings calm and peace to the mind.


Five steps of Panchkarma


After detoxification with oil massage and steam, toxins are further flushed out from the body by giving an oral herbal concoction, that helps evacuation of bowels. Specially suited to people with high pitta condition.


After few days of herbal oil massage and steam which helps in softening the toxins, patient is given another herbal decoction that helps in throwing toxins out by a vomit. This therapy is suited in kapha dominated conditions like hyperacidity, asthma, obesity etc.


Medicated substances as per nature of disease are administered through anal passage (enema). This therapy is highly beneficial in treating various complicated and chronic diseases.

This therapy is highly effective in vata (wind) dominated cases like arthritis, constipation, piles etc.


In Nasyam, herbal nasal drops are administered in nostrils, after massaging and steaming head and shoulder. This helps in cleansing head region and relieves conditions like headache, migraine, hair problems, sleep disorders, neurological conditions, sinusitis, chronic respiratory problems.


Raktamokshan therapy is used in diseases caused due to impure blood. Old impure blood is sucked out from specific areas or whole body. This is especially useful in skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, abscesses, pigmentation etc.


Contra-indications of Panchkarma

Panchkarma should be avoided during fever, pregnancy, injuries or any other acute disturbing conditions. First consultation should be sought with a qualified physician who will plan your therapy as per your health needs and concerns.


Benefits of panchkarma

Panchkarma can treat A- Z of any disease, there is nothing on earth that can’t be treated with Ayurveda or Panchkarma.


Benefits are unlimited, such as:

  • Elimination of toxins
  • Complete cleansing of the body
  • Opening of blocked channels
  • Improves digestive fire
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduction of weight
  • Relieves stress, relaxes the mind
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Rejuvenation of cells and tissues, and much more…


Panchkarma Packages @BLISS

Day 1 – Rs. 6,400

Services Duration Benefits
Herbal Hot Oil Ayurvedic Massage with Steam & Scrub Bath
60 Mins. Detox , Body Rejuvenation Therapy
Head Massage + Shirodhara 45 Mins. Head Detox and Mind Rejuvenation
Nasyam or Pain Potli (Area Wise) 25 Mins Clears Sinuses + Rejuvenates Brain
Enema – Rectal Cleanse 15 Mins. Detox
Health Consultation 30 Mins. Lifestyle + Diet Modification
Health Meal

Price Details (Day Wise)

Days Price
3 Days Rs.17280 (6400*3-10%)
7 Days Rs.38080(6400*7-15%)
14 Days Rs.71680(6400*14-20%)
21 Days Rs. 100800 (6400*21-25%)