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What is IV therapy?

25 Sep, 2023 | Dr. Poonam Bali | No Comments

What is IV therapy?

What is IV therapy?

What is Intravenous Nutrition Therapy?

Intravenous therapy is also known as IV therapy. It is a medical procedure that involves delivering essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a needle and an intravenous line. It is a method of delivering essential nutrients to the body, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fluids, directly into the bloodstream. When these nutrients bypass the digestive system, they are absorbed more quickly and efficiently, which can be helpful for individuals who are nutrition-deficient. IV therapy is given according to the needs of the patient, and it can be unique because of the patient’s requirements. It is really helpful in boosting immunity, rapid nutrition absorption, and improving hydration.


Benefits of Nutritional IV Therapy

Rapid nutrition absorption

IV therapy allows for immediate absorption of nutrients, which can be especially beneficial for individuals who have nutrition deficiency or malabsorption issues. It is often used to treat deficiencies such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron deficiency, which may occur due to various medical conditions and dietary restrictions.


Improved Hydration

IV fluids can help in the proper restoration and maintenance of proper hydration levels, which are essential for overall health and well-being.


Enhanced Immune Support

IV therapy really helps boost the immune system by providing the essential vitamins and minerals that support immune function. Vitamin C is an immunity-boosting nutrient that helps fight illness and support the immune system.


Increased energy levels

Many people feel an increase in energy level and vitality from Intravenous Nutrition Therapy as it fulfills the needs of individual nutrients. Due to a lack of vitamins and nutrients, individuals may feel a lack of energy, and IV therapy is the best way to increase energy instantly. It is really helpful with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Atheletic Performance

IV therapy helps in increasing the performance of athelets by bringing instant nutrients, which helps in healing injuries faster in injuries. Intravenous Nutrition Therapy can easily rehydrate the body, making it useful for athletes recovering from illness.


Skin Rejuvenation

IV therapy helps in the rejuvination of the skin as it fulfills the need for nutrients in the body. A nutrient-rich IV infusion can promote skin health, giving a more radiant complexion.


Support for Specific Health Conditions

IV can be made to address specific health conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, and other chronic illnesses.

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