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Ozone therapy delhi


Looking For Best Ozone Therapy In Delhi?

Ozone Therapy In Delhi Discover the best Ozone Therapy in Delhi for holistic well-being. Experience personalized care and advanced treatments. Your path to optimal health starts here! Both the world and the medical profession are evolving. Many diseases are currently prevalent around the world. All that is needed is access to a reputable physician and pertinent knowledge of the illness and effective therapies. You must be wondering what ozone therapy is or how […]

Female Problems And Sexual Health


Female Hormonal Problems and Reproductive Health

Dr. Poonam Bali, a Holistic Health Expert provides compassionate care and effective treatments for Women’s Hormonal Issues and Reproductive Health. Problems related to Hormonal Health are increasing day by day, more so in young girls in India, primarily due to increasing stress levels and adulteration food, essentially Dairy. They seek to find solutions with conventional […]

Rejuvenate with European Massage at Bliss Care


Experience True Bliss with our EUROPEN Body Work

European Destress therapy If you want to experience and enjoy European Destress therapy then visit Bliss Care Centre, Delhi today. This makes the body and mind feel alive again. Here you are treated with European therapy under the supervision of Dr. Poonam Bali. European therapy is a form of deeply stress-reducing and relaxing therapy. Let […]

Eczema Relief with Homeopathy


Eczema Relief with Homeopathy: Dr. Poonam Bali’s Expertise

Eczema is a widespread skin disease. Nowadays, millions of people all over the world are plagued by this problem. With this disease, the patient has to deal with constant itching, redness and discomfort. There are traditional treatment options. A large number of people are turning to alternative methods such as homeopathy to get rid of […]



Doctor doing Microblading in Delhi

Doctor doing Microblading in Delhi Microblading: The Ultimate Guide to Natural-Looking Perfect Eyebrows If you are considering microblading in Delhi, it is important to do your research and choose a qualified practitioner. Microblading serves as a semi-permanent cosmetic method to enhance eyebrow appearance. This technique involves using a manual tool to create hair-like strokes on […]

Body Scrub


Detox Body Scrub

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Detox Body Scrub in Delhi Most of us who try to take good care of our skin remember to exfoliate our faces, but what about our bodies? Let’s know more about Body Scrub. Body Scrub makes your skin more Vibrant & Youthful. It helps to make your skin look Fresh & Rejuvenated. It also […]

Body Polishing helps to remove dead cells


Body Polishing Treatment

Body Polishing Body Polishing is a very scientific way to pamper your skin to make it more bright and shine with Health. This is the form of Exfoliation which is a kind of Facial of the Body, unlike a Massage. It is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin and leaving it […]

Dermal Therapies by Dr. Poonam Bali


Dermal Therapies by Dr. Poonam Bali

Dermal Therapies Dermal Therapies by Dr. Poonam Bali believes in the role of natural fruit and vegetable extracts much more than bottled products. For the complete care, we combine both sources in our FACE THERAPIES along with the use of latest technology for deep penetration of goodness of these extracts. Let us first know and […]

Bliss Detox Programs


Bliss Detox Programs

‘Bliss’ Detoxification Therapy Experience Bliss Detoxification Therapy with Dr. Poonam Bali. Make yourself healthy and refreshed through the power of detox. Book your session today! Rejuvenate your body and mind with Bliss Detoxification Therapy. Read this blog completely to know how detoxification will benefit. Method Of Detoxification We design Bliss detox Programs as your lifestyle, […]