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Rejuvenation Therapies

‘Bliss’ Rejuvenation Therapies by Dr. Poonam Bali, Delhi

If you want to look healthy and young by taking advantage of ‘Bliss’ Rejuvenation Therapies, then meet Dr. Poonam Bali today. Enjoy the best ‘Bliss’ Rejuvenation Therapy by Dr. Poonam Bali in Delhi. Restore harmony in your mind and body with personalized treatments. Elevate your well-being, one blissful session at a time.Rejuvenation Therapies :

Any detox, cleansing, or purification therapies, more so using nature’s five elements like,
Sky or emptiness

Will bring the effect of Rejuvenation to the whole body and mind.
Such as:

1. Colon Hydrotherapy:

Colon or large intestines is the main sewer of the body’s excretory system.
Most of the body’s number waste gets deposited here when its function is impaired.
Periodical cleansing of the colon will rid the body of its accumulated old waste, including fecal matter and gases.
This will rejuvenate the body.

2. Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse :

The liver and gall bladder are the other 2 important digestive organs, which tend to hold up the body’s waste when digestion is improper.
The liver is one of the energy-providing organs through proper metabolic activity, its optimum function gets affected when toxic waste layers on it, and this depletes the body of its normal energy levels.
Hence its detox will rejuvenate the body’s systems.

3. Detox Massages :

Ayurvedic massages like Abhyangam, Udhwardhnam, Shirodhara, Potli massage, etc. on one hand, and  Oriental and European massages like Deep tissue, Swedish, Thai, Balinese, Acupressure
completely rejuvenate the body by promoting blood flow, and detoxifying the muscular tissues, leaving a rejuvenating effect.

4. Body Detox Scrubs:

Exfoliating skin of old deposits of dead and dry patches rejuvenates the body.

5. Steam

Normal steam bath detoxifies toxins from the body, hence bringing a rejuvenating effect. Ozone steam, Rectal Ozone, IV ozone, and all other ozone range of therapies detoxify, and improve the antioxidant levels in the blood, hence rejuvenating.

6. Naturopathy treatments:

-Mud packs
-Manipulative lymphatic drainage massages
– Acupuncture
-Sun baths
-Airbaths during highly rejuvenating..
Nature bathing Walks
Forest bathing
Earth walks,on grass n soil
– Fasting
All these ,when practiced in an integrative way ,are extremely rejuvenating for body and mind

7. Yoga including Pranayam and Meditation :

Comprehensive, regular practice of Yoga including all its disciplines brings lasting rejuvenating effect on
All aspects of human existence

8. Food and Nutrition :

Furthermore, A balanced diet, close to nature ,raw ,steamed or very lightly cooked, if consumed fresh will rejuvenate the body.In addition, Oral intake of Essential Nutrients like Minerals ,Vitamins and Salts Through Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic supplements will rejuvenate the body.

Experience Rejuvenation Therapies by Dr. Poonam Bali, Delhi

Categories Services Price
European  Range Swedish Therapy ₹ 2,500
Deep  Tissue Therapy ₹ 2,500
Aromatherapy ₹ 2,500
Oriental  Therapy Shiatsu/Thai Therapy ₹ 3,000
Balinese ₹ 2,500
Reflexology (Acupressure) Foot + Hand ( 30 minutes ) ₹ 1,250
Foot + Hand ( 45 minutes ) ₹ 1,800
Foot + Hand ( 60 minutes ) ₹ 2,500

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