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What is Homeopathy? | Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment

What is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is the science based on principle of “Similia Similibus Curanter” in Greek language. It means,  properties of a Homoeo Remedy when matched with the symptoms of a disease and miraculous cure can happen.

The manner in which Homoeo preparations are made, they acquire a dynamic power through process of potentisation. This makes the power of homoeo remedy stronger than disease symptoms, so Homoeo remedies dominate the disease force while they also raise immune power of human body on which they are administered. This body with its new dynamic power attained from effect of Homoeo Remedies throws the disease out which is now weaker than the power of remedy.

How Homeopathy Works?

As per nature, our body has power to heal itself through its immune power to revitalize, regenerate and renew. Everyday new cells grow in the body. Whatever the disease or imbalance may be threatening, the body fights back through its immune power to defend itself and cures itself of any damage done. Homeopathy remedies, mostly plant or mineral based, have same ability to eradicate illness, they stimulate inherent immune strength of body and empower it constitutionally, even genetically to some extent to fight the imbalance causing disease. In future, body is left stronger than before in its immune defenses against disease of any nature.

The vital invisible power of Homeopathic potencies is infinite and brings miraculous cures. Homoeopathy can cure and prevent any disease no matter how chronic and diverse, be it of Mind or Body or Genetic Constitution.
A Homoeopath will study the individual case thoroughly and select most matching Homoeo Remedy and its suitable potency, with that of Disease symptoms. Thus long term cure happens, because now the body has acquired immune power to defeat that disease force in future.

Dr. Bali’s Commitment and Mission towards Homoeopathy?

As gratitude and dedication to her parents, teachers, and father of Homeopathy Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Poonam Bali’s lifelong commitment and mission is to provide Best Health care to humanity. Applying most noble and gentle healing methods of various alternative modalities with integrative approach, she is able to bring permanent cures.
Dr. Poonam Bali continuously innovates through ongoing study and learning, using different resources.

Dr. Bali's Special Gifts as Doctor of Health

Dr. Poonam Bali feels blessed to be gifted by a sense of compassionate and deep understanding of her clients with whom she is able to form lifelong relation, essential for a Doctor’s profession.
Her friendly, caring and sincere approach towards her clients instills confidence in them to open up as required, specifically for a Homeopathic Cure. This gives them the necessary trust and patience to receive definite and permanent solutions.

Dr. Bali goes to the extent of creating a healthy environment with the right vibrations for good health, at her clinic, using positive energy elements.

Child friendly ambience is created and staff is trained towards the same.

Top Homeopathic Medication and other healing methods applied by her are well established to bring longevity and a higher immune level of body and mind. This defends her clients in future not to fall prey to, be it, inevitable environmental or food pollution, genetic conditions like Cancer, Arthritis, Gout, Hypertension, Autoimmune Diseases like DiabetesAllergies, it CardiacLung, and Liver Diseases and many more health conditions known to humanity.

Professional Medical Ethics

Misconception about Homoeopathy

Dr. Poonam Bali’s promise is to carry forward the tradition of providing the purest and best quality health care in the most selfless manner, established and taught by her father. She believes in continuing to procure top-grade, purest homoeo medicines, and products. There is no question of any adulteration, sometimes doubted about Homoeopaths. Dr. Bali’s ethics are too strong about such principles.

She is dedicated to treating the underprivileged with extra care and attention without disparity.

Making a Difference to Health Care Available Today

It is a matter of grave concern to her holistic sensibilities when she sees people spending their time and savings of a lifetime for unaffordable and painful hospital expenses in emergency situations, which could be prevented with timely Homeopathic and Lifestyle Care.

The Advent of Homoeopathy

Dr. Samuel Frederick HahnemannDr. Samuel Hahnemann, a successful mainstream medicine doctor could not continue as his compassionate heart was in constant search for something more safe and gentle without harmful effect. His curious mind led him to discover the science of homeopathy in 18th century in Germany.

Creating Employment

Dr. Poonam Bali’s Homeopathy Centre has trained many junior doctors over the years who worked under her keen eye, known for detail and perfection.
Many of them are enjoying successful private practice globally.

Misconception about Homoeopathy

The modern medicine practitioners especially in the west, largely due to their vested interest in proliferating giant pharmaceutical industry, are responsible for misleading humanity against the authenticity and efficacy of Homeopathic Medicine, calling it the sweet pill or the placebo effect.

This has been validated and authenticated, time and again through the endless number of successful homeopathic cures, in certain cases almost miraculous, including in cases where the allopathic system failed or had no answers. In many cases where surgery is the only Solution, with Homeopathy, one can get definite cures without cutting the body open; like Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Stones (calculi), etc.

Allopathy has no answer for autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alopecia, Allergies, Psoriasis, and most of the acute and chronic skin conditions, except temporary relief.

Whereas Homoeo Remedies act on root cause which is invariably in the mind. This proves the undeniable efficacy of the dynamic effect of Homoeo dilutions or tinctures on the Human System. These medicines act on the psyche first, then the physiology. This is proved beyond doubt that the fundamental cause of every disease is mind.

Today even the invisible, energy medicine has proven cures. The best way to know, rather than philosophizing or arguing is to try oneself, since there are zero side effects.

Treatment of one condition gives birth to so many new diseases, due to the harmful side effects of strong chemical substances present in allopathy.

Another rumor that doctors use cortisone (steroid) in Homeopathy can be challenged by testing these medicines in any laboratory worldwide.

Besides, steroids do not cure every condition. A patient fed with cortisone exhibits signs of a moonlike swollen face, excess Body Hair, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, etc.

The reasoning behind Food Restrictions when on Homoeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Medicines are sensitive to external odors like garlic, onion, etc, and their efficacy is altered when affected by the same. These medicines are also absorbed maximum through the oral mucosa.

For some reason, the gap of 15-30 minutes from food intake is kept to ensure a clean, odor-free mouth.

Whether Allopathy and Homoeopathy can be taken together

Till such time condition for which allopathy is being taken, is improving with homeopathy given simultaneously, and the patient wishes to switch from allopathy, in such cases like Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Gout, Arthritis, etc. Allopathy is gradually withdrawn to allow homeopathy to work on a nontoxic ground.

Homeopathy for Animals, Birds, and Plants

It is a known fact that one of the unexplained arguments for the success of Homeopathy is due to the fact that activation of these medicines is on mind largely, besides the body.

The human mind is questioning and doubting, many a time doesn’t allow Homeo medicines to act as fast as they are capable of. So especially in cases who are not natural believers of Homeopathic Wonders. The result is seen as soon as action taken on the body or physiology.

In cases of Animals, Birds, Plants, etc., this barrier doesn’t exist. So they respond much faster to the action of Homeopathy Medicines. They also develop higher immunity and defend themselves from other diseases within the flock. Hence their longevity and production capacity increases making it more profitable at a lesser cost.

Pets, including horses, dogs, cats, birds respond amazingly well when treated with Homeopathy by their masters who play a necessary role in describing symptoms of conditions being treated.

In Homeopathy, the basis of diagnosis is symptoms rather than investigations and tests which only help in indicating to some extent but the final prescription is on the basis of collective symptoms.

Online Consultation and Treatment

For outstation patients globally, a questionnaire is sent to be filled, followed by online consultancy through mails, video and audio calls, etc.

Thereafter online payment is registered and medicine is sent by courier with detailed instructions on its Administration and Diet etc.. Close follow up is done by Dr. Poonam Bali and her team in Consultation with her, till full cures are achieved. Book Appointment from Best Homeopathic doctors in Delhi and get top Homeopathy Dr Consultation Near You Anytime.

Testimonials of treated patients with their records are put up on our site for reference if required by any new patients.

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