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Consultations with Dr. Poonam Bali

Consultations with Dr. Bali, through her consultations, be it online or in person, also practice the the results are not only studied but experienced firsthand.
– Lifestyle and Diet techniques
 -Cleansing and Healing therapies which are therapeutic and bring curative as well as preventive effects,
 Be it in Acute or Chronic conditions, from Cold to Headache to COVID or even as deadly a disease as Cancer.
Integrated Holistic Health Solutions.
All sessions derived from Natural Wellness modalities are suggested and discussed for first understanding and thereafter final acceptance by the client, post a detailed study of the client’s individualized Case history, going into depths of.
Family, past, and present history in every aspect is noted down through direct questioning and personal observation of.
Body language
Appearance of Skin, Hair, Weight
Energy levels, Moods, Temperament
Likes and Dislikes
Preferences and patterns of an individual’s  Diet and Lifestyle like Sleep, Exercise, Work, and Social and Family demands, cause undue stress levels.
Other practices like Yoga and meditation.
Checking Nutritional levels of essential minerals and vitamins
Nature of Vital force that governs health ultimately in her opinion
Not just by mindlessly ordering lengthy investigations or blood tests, and adding more stress to the ailing person.
To allow such a cohesive study, and then arrive at final Treatment plans that are integrative, looking into improving and balancing all Health Factors in the long run.

Consultation for Health Programs

All her Health programs are initiated by Detoxing or Cleansing the entire Mind, Body, and Energy.
Thereafter nourishing the Life Force or Energy with correct Diet and Lifestyle.
Dr Bali’s wholesome approach in her Consulting method brings lasting, sound health free from limitations in performing any activities be it mental, physical, or emotional about one’s duties, recreation, hobbies, etc.
Dr Bali does not see an individual as a patient, but rather as an individual who was born healthy but due to their negligence and imbalance in Diet and Lifestyle, Attracted illness, Acute or Chronic.
Thereafter, Dr Bali with assistance from an able, skilled, and experienced team of Health professionals, takes full charge of hold and taking the individual under her care, on the road to lasting Health and Happiness

In-depth, heart-to-heart discussion about your long-term Health care with Dr. Poonam Bali, in her chamber at Hauz Khas Clinic, Delhi. You may take the online option also. Book your consultation appointment for your personalized care. Dr. Bali commits to not only treat you for your past and present conditions but also coach you and take you on a road to eternal good health by working with you by modifying your diet and lifestyle and freedom from the vicious cycle of dependency on lifelong medicines, doctors, hospital visits, endless investigations.


S.No. Case History Taking Price Duration
1. Detailed  Consult  With Lifestyle, Diet, Past, Present,
Family,  Emotional  History (Chronic Conditions)
₹ 4,500/ month 45 minutes
2. Detailed Consultation ₹ 3,500/ month 30 minutes
3. Short  Consultation (Acute Conditions) ₹ 1300 – ₹ 2,000/ 7 to 15 days 15 minutes
4. Follow  Up (after first-month onwards) ₹ 1500 – ₹ 2000 / month 10/15 minutes


  • Options 1. and 2. include Homoeo Remedies and Supplements, Except Vitamins, also includes Diet Chart, Treatment plan, Lifestyle change Advice, 2 review follow-up within the month.
  • Options 3. and 4. include Homoeo Remedies and Supplements.